wttpyls sucks


Give me your children.


*drops a basket of kittens in the ask box and runs*

Milo: Someone better take these stupid GOD DAMN kittens or ill eat every last one of them.

((Seriously though the blog is still running and whatever kind of?))

((the only reason why i havent been posting is because i dont get asks))

((but if you send me asks now ill always answer them with pictures)) 

Miss you

Pyralspite: Miss us???

We never left though??? 

Wow i havent made a proper post with all gijinkas in a while so have all the gijinkas that I have made while not posting here

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no but seriously how can my ampharos use thunder punch with hands like that

I wanna draw all my Pokemon ships hanging out but I dont think I can because if it were to happen in canon Alistair would be trying to get simon to leave with him because ew people

and Iso would be moody because Alistair was around her and she would hate everything so it would kind of suck

Fay and Sven would just be like “what”

....oh....I just thought they all lived in the same building 'cause they're on a team or something sorry

(Milo isnt on my two teams

hes on his own team)

(all my Ocs live in the same area though

SOOO milo would know who Seymour is)

(because mailman)

(but he wouldnt know anyone personally because they havent met in canon) 

what if this is his blog but you could still talk to the others maybe??

(I have like over 20 on here)

(and Milo only knows Alistair, my Ludicolo and my kecleon )

(so it wouldnt really make sense as to why he has other people like PYRAL and STAR hangin’ around )